Hot Tub Cover Lift Information

Hot Tub Cover Lift Information

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Welcome back to Products Preview. Today we are going to discuss the ever so important hot tub cover lift. The process of purchasing a hot tub and getting it installed properly can be much more daunting than most expect. There are several things to consider.

  • Will it fit where I want it?
  • Do I have the right power connection (120 volt, 220 volt)?
  • What accessories do I need?
  • What chemicals do I need?

Each of these items is a piece to experiencing the best possible hot tub or spa experience. The one we are going to focus on today is regarding accessories, more specifically, the hot tub cover lift.
hot tub cover lift

Why would I need a Hot Tub Cover Lift?

This is a question only someone who has never owned a hot tub would ask. Anyone who owned or been around hot tubs knows how difficult it is to move a quality hot tub cover without some type of lift mechanism. At first a spa cover can weight about 50-60 pounds but over the years, waterproof or not, the weight piles on. Often reaching 100 pounds. Moving an object of that weight is hard enough, but combine that with the shape and size of the cover and it becomes almost impossible. Luckily these covers are constructed in a way that leverage can frequently be used to successfully move them.

Types of Hot Tub Cover Lifts

Spa cover lifts are a lot like any other product you are looking to purchase. There are high quality and there are cheap hot tub cover lifts. There are options that only the require a push of a button and there goes the cover. Then again, most of us do not have the means to afford one of those. The other, more conventional options are leverage, multi-action systems that require some muscle, but not too much.

Check out the reviews here at Products Preview to learn more about the right option for you.

Thank you and good luck.

The Products Preview Team.


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