ABC Spa Cover Roller

ABC Spa Cover Roller is a manual hot tub cover removal system designed for any square or rectangular hot tub or spa. This cover roller allows the hot tub cover to roll across the arms which make it easy to push your hot tub cover open or closed.

ABC Hot Tub Cover Roller is constructed with the most durable weatherproof materials. Utilizing high quality materials will provide protection from the elements for a long time. The downside of the ABC Spa Cover Roller is that it takes up an additional ½ the side of your hot tub to be operational.

This can create a real issue when trying to do effective space planning for your backyard or patio. Having to allot for an additional 50% of space in order to effectively utilize your spa is not a good quality. 

ABC Spa Cover Roller


ABC Cover Roller is priced at $44. In comparison, the ABC model is very inexpensive. However, there are several issues with regard to usability and experience. 


ABC Hot Tub Cover Roller has no information available regarding a warranty. The lack of information is not a good sign, which could result in issues if you need to return the product. 


ABC Spa Cover Roller has 135 customer reviews with a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating. This is surprising considering how much additional space is needed to utilize this product.

The Verdict. Is this the best hot tub cover lift?

This is Products Preview’s worst rated hot tub cover lift. When you review all the key attributes, this product simply does not measure up. The additional space needed to utilize this product make it s very unappealing option.  

Keep in mind the right spa cover lift makes the enjoyment of your hot tub so much easier. The peace of mind that comes when you know that accessing your hot tub is simple cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Check out additional hot tub cover lift reviews here at Products Preview.


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