Cover Valet Spa Cover Lift

The Cover Valet Spa Cover Lift is a hot tub cover lift designed to enhance any backyard environment. Cover Valet 250 Spa Cover Lift comes with dual gas springs to assist in lifting the spa cover with little effort.  

The Cover Valet Cover Lift also provides a safety feature that locks the hot tub cover lift in place until it is time to be closed. The Cover Valet 250 Spa Cover Lift has a powder coated finish with stainless steel hardware.

This product is durable and has a finish that will add to your hot tub. Several other competitors have great durability however the appeal and operation of other lifts do not measure up to the Cover Valet lift. 

One thing to keep in mind when reviewing the Cover Valet lift system is the lack of 360 degree visibility when the lift is up. As you can see in the picture below, the cover, when lifted, blocks 25% of the view. Depending on where you plan to position your hot tub, this could be a deal breaker. 

Cover Valet Spa Cover Lift


The Cover Valet Cover Lift is priced at $163.72. In comparison, the Cover Valet 250 Spa Cover Lift is one of the most expensive. The quality and warranty of the Cover Valet Spa Cover Lift cannot be denied. 

This cover lift system also offers dual gas springs to assist in a more effortless operating experience. This is a feature not offered on most other models. 


Cover Valet Spa Cover Lift 250 has an industry leading 5-year warranty. This is outstanding compared to other products in the market.

Most other cover lifts come with 1-2 year warranties. Some do not warranty their products at all or make it difficult to locate and process a warranty claim. 


Cover Valet 250 Cover Lift has 93 customer reviews with a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating.

The Verdict: Is this the best hot tub cover lift?

This is Products Preview’s #2 rated hot tub cover lift. When you review all the key attributes, this product offers great quality. The one draw back is the lack of visibility when the cover is in the lifted position. 

Keep in mind the right spa cover lift makes the enjoyment of your hot tub so much easier. The peace of mind that comes when you know that accessing your hot tub is simple cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Check out additional hot tub cover lift reviews here at Products Preview.


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