Outdoor Solutions Economy Spa Cover Lift

The Outdoor Solutions Economy Spa Cover Lift is a hot tub cover lift that provides a simplistic design and helpful spring assist operation. Economy Cover Lift claims to be easy to operate and conveniently slide your cover behind your hot tub. 

This feature enables a 360 degree, unblocked view. This is an invaluable feature if your hot tub is located in an open area. Other lift models which limit your view can be an eye sore when the spa is in use. 

Outdoor Solutions Economy Spa Cover Lift is constructed with high quality powder coated metal tubing for top level strength. This construction and design ensures long lasting resistance to corrosion and wear. 

The cover lift is designed to fit all shapes and sizes of hot tubs, including rectangular, round, oval or square. There is an adjustable feature with this cover that many other products lack. 

Economy Spa Cover Lift



The Outdoor Solutions Economy Spa Cover Lift is priced at $107.08. The Economy Cover Lift falls in the middle when it comes to pricing. There are cheaper models but you will not get the quality and ability to adjust sizes that you get with this model.


Outdoor Solutions Economy Spa Cover Lift comes with a 1-year limited warranty. This warranty is comparable with most other hot tub cover lifts.


The Outdoor Solutions Economy Spa Cover Lift has 10 customer reviews with a 2.6 out of 5 stars rating. There are several reviews that dispute the easy to use aspect of the product.  

The Verdict: Is this the best hot tub cover lift?

This is not a hot tub cover lift that Products Preview recommends. Based on our analysis and review the product does not measure up to its claims of being easy to use. The spa cover lift also does not support the cover once it is opened which is a big user experience feature. This cover gets 1 star.  

Keep in mind the right spa cover lift makes the enjoyment of your hot tub so much easier. The peace of mind that comes when you know that accessing your hot tub is simple cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Check out additional hot tub cover lift reviews here at Products Preview.


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